Product Agile Transformation Officer


Contributes to AXA Group Operations development and transformation by identifying, organizing and managing the transformations needed to reach business objectives.                                                                


The Product & Agile Transformation officer manages transformations to support AXA Group Operations and the Client organization's adoption to move to a product-driven target operating model and an agile way of achieving business objectives.

·                    He / She has to oversee all areas of a business, identify and implement necessary changes to enable AXA GO businesses to perform as a product-driven organization with a value-driven mindset.

·                    Before implementing changes and to support AXA GO strategy he / she has to produce financial assessments of potential initiatives / transformation projects including a review of new and existing processes or ways of working.

·                    When implementing changes, he / she has to drive the change when initiatives / transformation projects have high impacts on AXA GO organization / population and in the end to deliver measurable improvements.

·                    He / She must bridge any gap between the departments and maintain strong communications across all aspects of the company

·                    He / She should help colleagues understand the company more fully and clarify the reasons behind any company restructure or change.


Lead stream(s) of Product-driven organization & agile ways of working transformation.

·                    Manage definition, implementation and deployment of the operating model for the Product-driven transformation program with the support of GO organization representatives & teams

·                    Manage the involvement, understanding & support of all the stakeholders of the program (division head, department head, product mgrs & teams, support functions...) for the scope covered.

·                    Define, implement & Track program KPIs for the scope covered

·                    Manage the governance and provide the reporting related to the scope covered.

Accompany GO teams in the adoption of Agile ways of working and Product Management best practices.

·                    Formalize, communicate & define trainings on Agile ways of working defined for GO

·                    Accompany product teams in the setup & adoption of agile ways of working and animate communities

·                    Accompany to implement product management best practices & methodology and animate communities

·                    Accompany in the deployment of collaboration & product management tools for GO teams

Manage with the team the consistency & clarity of GO Target Operating model .

·                    Participate to other GO TOM related initiative (reorg readiness, new process/role definition, tools implementation...)

·                    Contribute to GO TOM governance & forum

·                    Contribute on the GO TOM adoption & communication (handbook, onboarding)

·                    Collaborate with IT Sourcing team, Change Mgt and other Transformation program lead

Your Profile

SKILLS & PROFICIENCY LEVELS                                                                        

Managerial skills :

·                    Empowering team members

·                    Networking leadership

·                    Transformational leadership

·                    Vision & strategic thinking

Transversal skills :

·                    Agility & ability to learn

·                    Change & stakeholder management

·                    Collaborative working

·                    Proactive organization skills

·                    Decision & execution

·                    Influence & conciliation

Technical skills :

·                    Project Management

·                    English Bilingual

·                    Finance & stats acumen        

·                    Leadership development

About AXA

As a world-leading insurance company, we act for human progress by protecting what matters. With 153,000 employees in 54 countries working with 105 million customers, we’ve created a truly dynamic and vibrant community. Inclusion and diversity link closely with our values, and together we’re nurturing a culture of
respect, for each other, for our customers and the communities around us. Join AXA and you’ll feel like you belong, are included and can thrive. You’ll be able to shape the way you work and truly grow your potential as you seek out new opportunities, push boundaries and benefit people in critical moments of their lives. This is your chance to build the tomorrow you want. Know you can.

About the Entity

AXA is becoming a sustainable tech-led company and at AXA Group Operations we are one of the major catalysts for this transformation. 

We set the tone by triggering and empowering the evolution of our insurance business model through technology and innovation, driving its concrete implementation globally at speed, with a high quality of advisory and execution.

We are present across 17 countries with committed, highly qualified teams. We leverage technology, data, sourcing, security and investment allocation in a global way, but also achieve economies of scale and synergies when necessary.

At AXA Group Operations, we want to be recognized in three fields of action:

  • State-of-the-art Data Technology to drive customer experience
  • State-of-the-art Procurement & Sourcing to drive efficiency and better manage risks
  • High-Performing Global Team for stronger partnerships with AXA entities 
What We Offer

We bring together the expertise, cultural diversity and creativity of over 8,000 employees worldwide and we’re committed to equal opportunities in all aspects of employment (gender, LGBT+, disabled persons, or people of different origins) and to promoting Diversity & Inclusion by creating a work environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and where individual differences are valued.

Job Summary

Job number: 22000B5N
Date posted : 2023-06-21
Profession: Information Technology
Employment type: Full time
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