Barcelona - Senior Scientific Developer

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Senior Scientific Developer Ref. SSD-100110     Program:          Software Systems and Components Tasks Description CISTIB Software Components and Systems program develops suites prototypes for research and clinical evaluation to favor the transfer of technology from research environments to the industry. The development and integration of scientific algorithms into applications workflows that builds a suite is perform using GIMIAS prototype development framework. GIMIAS is an open source tool developed at CISTIB that facilitates the development of prototypes by providing common components of scientific visualization, data access and data processing, allowing the user to focus on the development of the final application. The Scientific Developer will be part of the software development team that extend functionalities of specific prototypes and also contributes to the development of GIMIAS. This work will be part of national and international projects with strong collaboration with industrial and clinical partners and other international scientific partners. Profile The CISTIB seeks proactive and talented senior scientific developers with a background in computer science, having excellent computer programming skills and preferably with experience in biomedical engineering. …

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