Álava - RESEARCH LEADER. Thermal Energy Storage

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We are now inviting applications for the post of Research Leader in the area of High and Medium temperature Thermal Energy Storage, to conduct new and challenging research in the field of heat transport and storage systems related to Solar Energy Technologies. The Fundación CIC Energigune is one of several CIC centres now operating or at start-up stage that together form the spearhead of basic research in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country in a variety of fields. These centres enjoy a secured budget befitting their mission and a committed environment for promoting oriented basic research. The research centre operates within the framework of recently approved long-term research plans, and is part of a major investment drive by the Basque regional government and a group of select private companies operating in the energy industry.The laboratory will concentrate on basic research. Its aim will be to achieve a breakthrough in Thermal Energy Storage, based on heat transport and storage systems in the areas of Sensible heat storage and Latent heat storage (including among others alternative molten salt formulations), Storage in reversible Thermochemical-Reactions and New Products associated with nanocrystals. We are offering a permanent position that will give you a unique …

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