Álava - GROUP LEADER Thermal Energy Storage

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We are now inviting applications for 4 Group Leader positions (principal researchers)  in the area of High and Medium temperature Thermal Energy Storage, to conduct new and challenging research in the fields of: •    Phase Change Materials: to improve the Heat transfer rate and power capacity of phase change materials•    Nanoscale Materials: to enhance the  thermophysical properties of heat transfer and storage fluids•    Thermal Storage Materials modelling and simulation•    Thermo-Chemical cycles for High Temperature Thermal Storage System The Fundación CIC energiGUNE is one of several CIC centres now operating or at start-up stage that together form the spearhead of basic research in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country in a variety of fields. These centres enjoy a secured budget befitting their mission and a committed environment for promoting oriented basic research. The laboratory will concentrate on basic research. Its aim will be to achieve a breakthrough in High and Medium Thermal Energy Storage. We are offering a permanent position that will give you a unique opportunity to custom-build your own laboratory and research team. The basic group structure; one postdoc, one technician and one or two PhD students, start-up investments and consumables will be funded …

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